Bodacious Bombshells

NAME: Bodacious Bombshells

KNOWN FOR: Cosplay


The Bodacious Bombshells are a cosplay duo made up of two girls: Lauren (23) and Halley (22).

Lauren and Halley really started dabbling in costuming for Halloween of 2014. Lauren went as Poison Ivy and Halley was Harley Quinn. They spent about a week building costumes and props and after how successful it was, they were immediately hooked.

They heard about Kansas City Comicon and decided to put together a costume for the con's first year, so Aug 2015. Lauren likes to think Poison Ivy was her first tip toe into cosplaying, but her first official debut cosplay would be Emma Frost (the White Queen) at Kansas City Comic Con in 2015.

The girls had a blast and revamped their costumes for Planet Comicon in 2016, and made a grand appearance as Scarlet Witch and Emma Frost, getting lots of attention for their unique take on the characters.

Sometime in between Planet Comicon and the 2nd year of Kansas City Comicon, they talked about making a cosplay page together and that's how Bodacious Bombshells was born. Since then they have appeared as guests at Kansas City Comic Con 2016 and Top Con 2016, and have been slowly adding more conventions to the list. Their cosplay line up has continued to grow and flourish, and they love having a hobby that allows them to dress up as their favorite heroes and princesses.

For 2017, you can catch the Bodacious Bombshells at Naka Con, Little Apple Comicon, Stealth Con, Planet Comicon, Smallville Comicon, Kansas City Comic Con, and Top Con for sure, although they can't help but keep adding more to the list!