Creator Applications 2018

Creator Application
Exhibitor Information Letter

Guest Creators

Bob Hall
Artist and Writer

Marvel, Valiant/Acclaim, Future Comics, Platinum


Candice Gilmer

Paranormal, Contemporary, and Fairy Tale Romance

Crosshairs Press, T. M. Hunter
Sci-Fi Books

The West(ern) Chronicles

Dakota Caldwell

Project Nomad, Legacy of the Stonewielders

E. J. Willis

Battle for the Throne

Eli Moon Designs

Custom Digital Work and Sketches

Kim Cotterell

Artist, Mr. Right, Independent Comic Books

Red's Ink and Quill

Paladin Shadows

More Information Coming Soon For:

Father & Son Toy Reviews - A few vintage toys and gear reviews on YouTube

Lost Girls Traveling Emporium - Handmade Chainmaille Jewelry, Charm Bracelets with Fantasy/Steampunk Themes, Fandom Bows, Fandom Chainmaille Keychains, Original & Fanart Buttons -

Kansas SPN Family - They Create a fun and educational experience for the fans while raising money for local charities and local watch party groups. Will have jewelry, props from Supernatural, buttons and decals. - Kansas Supernatural Family Website

Wichita Film Collective - Horror/ Comedy Web Series.