Kim Cotterell

NAME: Kim Cotterell, Rock Bottom Comics

KNOWN FOR: Self Published Comics and Original Art Prints


Kim Cotterell is a fat hairy beast hailing from the wilds of the Pacific Northwest. Sounds a lot like Bigfoot, doesn't it? The fact of the matter is, both may actually be creatures of myth. And both are said to smell terrible. Kim is the writer/artist of the (hopefully) humorous super hero comic MR. RIGHT. Mr. Right is a blatant rip-off of several other (better) comics. This will be Kim's fifth year at Smallville, where he always enjoys being outshined by greater talents and generally ignored by the public at large. Kim has been known to burst into tears and resort to begging passerby to purchase his wares. So don't make a grown man cry, stop by his booth and pick up multiple copies of MR. RIGHT!