Mandy Thibert

NAME: Mandy Thibert

KNOWN FOR: Model and Artist

WEBSITE: FB/IG/YOUTUBE/DA: @missmandymotionless

Miss Mandy Motionless- a California based model, artist, performer, and musician. Starting her career at an early age, Mandy quickly climbed the ladder to the success that she has now- starting at the age of fourteen when she started recording music and performing shows across Southern California; by the time she was seventeen she had performed on many stages and had recorded promotional music for the music company Alta Loma Music (now known as Music and Arts). She turned to modeling when she was sixteen when her childhood best friend photographed her for a school project and in an attempt to bring up her self-esteem. In three short years she had grown in popularity and now has a substantial fanbase modeling all genres: artistic, pinup, goth, alternative, spfx, underwater, horror, latex, beauty, clothing lines, and more. As for her artistic career, she started traveling the United States at the age of sixteen when she traveled to Texas for the Space City Comic Con where she got picked up by the management company I Don't Do Subtle Management, to whom she stayed signed to for two years and traveled to many more states in that time. She has performed, judged cosplay contests, and sold her art at such places as: San Diego Comic Con, Long Beach Comic Con, Gem City, Space City Comic Con, Capitol City Comic Con, Ventura Con, and many more. Her main passion (other than comics) is painting and drawing heavily tattooed men and women. With her success she has successfully been main features at comic cons as well as had her modeling images displayed on magazine covers. She also works part time for Hack Shack Studios, an affiliate of DC Comics.