A year ago, a small grassroots campaign asked the question, “Is Hutchinson the real Smallville, Kansas?”

The interest and outpouring of support was tremendous; resulting in the Mayor issuing a proclamation declaring June 21, 2013 the city would officially change itsname to “Smallville.”  The day was a great success and the anticipation for next year evegreater.

As a huge Superman fan (my son is named Kal-El and was born in Hutchinson/Smallville) I loaned mypersonally custom-crafted “Man of Steel” replica costumes to promote interest.  From this I was fortunate to be invited to our State’s capital and have the honor of standing with my son Kal-El, alongside Laura Siegel-Larson, daughter of Jerry Siegel, co-creator of Superman, as Superman was inducted into the Kansas Hall of Fame.

From this, a dream was ignited, to capture our community’s excitement and energy into an annual comic book and pop culture convention in recognition of Hutchinson as Smallville.

Be part of the First Annual Smallville Comiccon, in Smallville, KS, and join us on June 21-22, 2014