Susanne Lambdin

NAME: Susanne L. Lambdin

KNOWN FOR: Author of the Dead Hearts series


Susanne Lambdin is a writer living in Kansas. She is best known for based in part credit for Star Trek: The Next Generation's Season 4, Episode 78, entitled "Family." Morbid Hearts is her first published work of fiction. She has already completed five novels in the Dead Hearts series and is planning two additional series featuring the vampires called the Dark Angels and the Cheyenne Mountain Wolf Tribe.

About the Dead Hearts Novels: A zombie apocalypse series by author, Susanne L. Lambdin. Set a year after the zombie scourge has spread worldwide, Cadence, a 17 year old girl, finds herself in command of the Freedom Army, the local Colorado Militia on top of Pike's Peak. Along with a dozen teenage zombie scout patrols, like the Fighting Tigers, the Vikings, China Six, the Valkyries, and Bull Dogs, they are up against not only a zombie horde, but a vampire menace that is spreading faster than the zombie virus. In fact, the virus is mutating, creating not only vampires, but werepumas, werewolves, demons, super zombies and super humans. It's up to Cadence to protect the survivors' camp, find a cure for the virus, deal with boyfriend issues, betrayal, vengeance, her raging hormones and the re-emergence of ancient gods, all competing for a place in this hostile world. There are 5 books in the Dead Hearts Series!